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AKA: J. Raul Garcia and RG


J Raul Garcia, better known by his stage name WHATUPRG, is a rapper/singer hailing from Gwinnett County, Georgia. RG’s parents immigrated from Mexico before he was born in Georgia. At the age of 7, he was introduced to music specifically Reggae music and he soon admired artists like Funky & Manny Montes.

On October 31, 2017, RG announced his signing with indie tribe, an artist collective formed by nobigdyl. But on April 13, 2018, announced his signing with Reach Records, based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

55 BM BRD Gestempelt 2016 - 2018 Top !! Siehe Bild !!! | Baby Jesus In Wood Crib With Straw 5 Inch Figurine Statue Nativity Set Removable | Spielbox – Nr.3, 2018