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The Coral

About The Coral

The Coral was formed in 1996 in Liverpool by James Skelly and his brother, Ian, Paul Duffy, Lee Southall and Bill Ryder-Jones before being joined by Nick Power two years later.

The band’s Mercury Award-nominated debut was a huge critical hit in 2002, and its successor, Magic and Medicine achieved similar successes, with the two albums spawning well-known hit singles such as “Dreaming of You”, “Don’t Think You’re the First” and “Pass it On”.

The Coral have dropped out of the mainstream somewhat, although they’ve still had a few hits since, most notably “In the Morning”. Despite losing Ryder-Jones in 2008, followed by Southall prior to the making of their post-hiatus album Distance Inbetween, the band is still going strong now with former Zutons guitarist Paul Molloy and more acclaimed albums under their belt.

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