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AKA: Kai Wright

About Sango

Kai Asa Savon Wright (born October 1, 1991 in Bremerton, Washington), known by his stage name Sango, is an American DJ, graphic designer, and record producer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. After graduating from Western Michigan with a degree in graphic design, Wright relocated to Seattle, Washington with his wife and child to develop his career as an artist.

The child of a musical household (both his parents were musicians), Sango’s style is remarkably distinct. His music sublimely mixes ‘90s R&B, trap, deep house, post-modern Indie R&B, and contemporary Afro-Brazilian Hip-Hop/Funk. Though relatively new to the production scene, he has already worked with big names (DRAM, Mick Jenkins, and Bryson Tillier) and still found the time to promote up-and-comers like Xavier Ömar and Smino.

Endlessly hip, he is part of the growing collectives AGO and Soulection. Under these labels he has released an eclectic blend of mixtapes and LPs. His full-length debut album North was released in 2013 to the fascination of many – FADER compared its sound to “a jellyfish slowly rising.” The second and most recent of his albums – the groovy In The Comfort Of – was released in the spring of 2018.