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Rob Curly

About Rob Curly

Rob Curly is a young, aspiring and upcoming artist who’s been in the rap game for a few years now. He first got popular when Rap Nation, a community YouTube music channel, showcased his reminiscent, “feelsy” tune, “Eleven 11:/11”. Or, as it’s better known, simply “Eleven Eleven”. This song quickly garnered some views on YouTube and is now at 500k+ views. Since the Rap Nation feature, he has released three full projects. “Eleven” released in 2014, sporting not only Eleven, but also two other fairly popular songs, “Paradise” and “Take Me or Leave Me”. In 2015, he quietly released his second mix, “Ocean Drive.” Which was mostly known for the song, “Body High.” Last year, Rob released “Knowledge is Pain”. It’s most popular song is “That’s Life.” He has also released many singles along his journey to success over the last three years. One single, “Shoulda Made U a Mother” has also gathered a lot of attention on YouTube.

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