1x863 Acacias 38 | Bounce – Number 67 | Nhạc Phim Remix-Top Nhạc Gây Nghiện Lồng Phim Hay Nhất 2019-EDM Đẳng Cấp
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Jeffree Star

About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a pop artist with one studio album and four EPs. Jeffree Star’s debut full album, Beauty Killer, was released in 2009. It was supported by two singles “Prisoner” and “Lollipop Luxury” A Music video for “Get Away with Murder”, the opening track, was also released, although this song was not a single. An exclusive iTunes and Hot Topic deluxe CD came with 3 additional bonus tracks. The album charted in some charts but failed to enter the Billboard 200. It charted at #2 on the heatseekers album charts. Despite having an appearance similar to a transgender, he still indentifies as male, proven by the homosexual lyrics in his songs.
(“I’ve got a big stick, wanna take a lick?”)
Jeffree also has a line of cosmetics and creates makeup tutorials. He can easily be compared to the character Ziggy Stardust.