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James Joyce

About James Joyce

James Joyce, (1882-1941) was a master of the modernist style and one of the most influential writers of all time. He released three novels, two collections of poetry, and one collection of short stories. His reputation is mainly based on his three novels, especially Ulysses. A stream of consciousness epic, Ulysses is based on Homer’s Odyssey, the tale of the Greek hero Odysseus. Joyce contrasts the epic adventures of Odysseus with the mundane doings of his protagonist; Leopold Bloom. Joyce does this to make the point that the doings of average people are as important as the doings of any ancient hero. Joyce’s writing style is the meaning of Proust, the inventiveness of Nabokov and the boldness of Hemingway. His final work, the novel Finnegan’s Wake takes this style to the furthest degree. With it’s seeming lack of plot, this novel is a blank slate for Joyce’s words, a combination of different languages, portmanteaus, and words he simply made up. In conclusion, James Joyce was a supremely inventive writer, who brings profound meaning to everyday life, and makes us think differently while doing so.