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Vic Mensa

Empathy Lyrics

I'm a magnet for hella bad energies
Got a tendency to make a lot of enemies
I’m an asshole when I get off the Hennessy
Prolly only do it 'cause somebody did that shit to me

Empathy, empathy, yuh
Empathy, empathy
Working on my
Everything, everything, yuh
I promise

They say you shouldn't cast stones from a glass home
The whole world wanna see me fall, but I stand strong
I say what’s right, but they don't hear me 'cause my past wrongs
I got so down on my luck, I made it a dance song
Reflected that on the women I've loved and left, got a call from my ex
She forgive, but she can't forget, sometimes I disrespect

I was just keeping it a stack but all of my good intentions turn into bad press
And I confess if I sit and reflect on shit I regret, I did this and I did that
I was bogus, I was wack, I was supposed to call you back
But I was trying to get some neck, fighting my urges
Strip club splurges and buying you purses
'Cause I know I'm doing wrong, rolling like a stone
Got wifey back at home, but I don't like to answer phones
And as a man, we don’t understand the damages we’ve sown
Just by stringing her along, and everybody heard the song
I fucked up, admit that I fucked up
But I ain't do that tho, so I wanna judge, but
I sound like an asshole, holding my nuts up
We love to point the finger at everybody but us
Trust is fragile just like glass broke
Put it back together but it ain’t gon' last tho
It's a vicious cycle, it's a Lupe Fiasco
She wanna hear the truth, but you ain’t true to your damn self
I know we need empathy

Working on my
Empathy, empathy, yuh
Empathy, empathy
Working on my
Everything, everything, yuh
Empathy, empathy
Empathy, empathy
Empathy, empathy
Working on my
Everything, everything
Empathy, empathy

About “Empathy”

“Empathy” is Vic Mensa’s response to all of the controversy surrounding his name following his contentious raps about XXXTENTACION during a BET Cypher played at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards. The majority of the controversy comes from the fact that Vic did this cypher following X’s murder, and that it was played at the awards in front of X’s mother.

Vic tells the world that he is working on his empathy and becoming a better person rather than creating unnecessary controversy and conveying hatred.

"Empathy" Track Info

Bobby Cannavale | Nashville (251) | Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu Episode 6